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Fake Secure Document - As seen below, a fake email stating a secure document was sent. Be especially wary if you are not expecting a secure document. Hovering over the link in the email will show that the site being redirected to is clearly not legit.  

secure doc scam.png


Emails from people who surprisingly end up in Junk Mail should be treated suspiciously. A properly configured email server will not have emails ending up in junk/spam folders.  Clickable links however, could still cause an email to be flagged as a "phishing" email.

11-13-2019 Voicemail Scams

Be familiar with your company's voicemail email notifications.  These fake ones should stick out like a sore thumb and NEVER ask you to login to listen to them. Of course the sender would "automatically delete messages if they are considered unsafe" !! ?  Oh sure you would.

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